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Every mystery box is unique and 1 of a kind. I will make a few:
*red, blue, shiny, hearts, green, golden oldies, silver gray, colorful, romantic, etc…

( I will not tell whats in there, its must be a “mystery” or surprise 🙂 but many things are used in movies or pictures over the years)
but I will give some hints what CAN be in there: -> pantyhose, stockings, socks, heels, gymleotard, dress, tshirt, bra, panties, catsuit, skirt, legging, bodystocking, jacket, bikini, nightdress, crop top, casual clothing, pictures, personal items, heels, etc…

[not everything from this list will be in 1 box, but you get always more for your money back then you will spend it on single items in the shop]
*the box will be send as soon as possible between 1-3 days. USA delivery will take 2 weeks most of the times…
If you have a special wish (maybe a sheer fetish) let me know so I can make a special box for you 😉
x Verona


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