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Tickets (Birthday Raffle Game)

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you guys already know my games: the Summer Raffle Game, and Birthday Raffle Game
You can buy tickets with credits or € / $ on webcam or here in my webshop.

There will be only 1 winner for the BIG PRIZE (and a second and third winner for smaller prizes) 😉

*Last summer we had as a BIG first prize: a tablet, mug, signed pictures, $50 amazon giftcard, 2 items for free from my shop + 1 year Membership on justverona.
and “Spidey” was the big WINNER.

Now we are working on the new Raffle Game around my birthday (last week of the year) you can also call it Winter raffle, but Birthday sounds much better 😉
I’m still searching for more prizes to add in the Box, but this is what will be there in the Box:
1 leotard from my gymnastics career (you can choose with sleeves or without), a pantyhose from my photoshoots, a dildo from my videos, a 1 year membership on justverona, a tshirt I wear in my career with “Nederland” on the back, my racing shirt from my own Verona Works Racing Team, a red wetlook legging, Christmas socks, funny socks, High heels (red with black) Lingerie and more than 20 porn movies!

x Verona

1 ticket = €2.50
15 tickets = €20,-
50 tickets = €50,-

“Fill in your own price” for example: €5 (and you get 2 tickets) -> I will make a picture from the signed tickets which I will add in the box.
If you need some help just contact info@justverona.com

de prijs voor 1 lootje is €2,50
met een korting krijg je 15 lootjes voor €20
en 50 lootjes voor €50

Wanneer je bijvoorbeeld €5 betaald krijg je 2 lootjes. Mocht je twijfelen of heb je hulp nodig kan je altijd contact opnemen via info@justverona.com
na je betaling zal ik een foto maken van je geschreven lootjes die ik daarna zal toevoegen in de box.


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